Aroha p1.GIF (32190 bytes) AROHA was a superhero strip drawn for Linoleum (a proposed New Zealand comics anthology edited by James Merritt and Jeremy Anderson which sadly never saw print).  Now it's finally seeing print in Officer Pup (see the Shop for details).  After the first episode (bits of which you can see here) I plan to  get other locals to draw it (with me doing script and maybe layouts). 

The heroine is a girl called Aroha - a typical pakeha teenage girl who (typically) adores superheroes like Shooting Star and the Teen Team, but who doesn't know what to do with her own boring life.

Until one day she wakes up and finds that her life has changed completely - and nothing will ever be the same again...

It's intended as a pretty laidback, fun series, full of celebrity superheroes, corporate politics, teenage hijinks and, of course, lashings of adventure and romance.

Kelvin Soh and also did some work on a companion series (called GO!) which stars Shooting Star (the River Phoenix of the superhero world...).

(click on thumbnails below to read the whole of Aroha episode 1)

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(click on thumbnails below to see character sketches for GO!)

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