Here you'll find information about and previews of some of my comics work. 

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A 2-page strip drawn for the 9-11: Artists Respond (Chaos!, Dark Horse, Image) benefit book.


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A 250-pg graphic novel published in 1998 by Black Eye Books and reprinted in 2001 by Drawn & Quarterly.  Nominated for a Harvey Award and two Ignatz Awards and named a Book of the Year by the Comics Journal.  It is also available in a French edition from L'Association.

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This is my new series, which I'm working on at the moment.  The first issue was published by Drawn & Quarterly in September 2001.

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The Names of Magic & Hunter: the Age of Magic

A 5-issue miniseries and an ongoing monthly series both starring Tim Hunter and both written by me and drawn by Richard Case, published by Vertigo.   

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Better Luck Next Century

A selection of my political cartoons, published by Top Shelf, as part of their Small Batch series.

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10 issues of Pickle were published by Black Eye between 1993 and 1997.  Pickle was nominated for two Ignatz Awards.     

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Milo's Week

A weekly political comic strip I drew for the NZ Listener during 1995-1997.  Here are a few of my favourites and also some unpublished strips.

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"There are no words in my mouth"

A 15-page wordless strip I drew for L'Association's enormous Comix2000 book (2000).

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'Dirty Comics'

(working title)


This is a graphic novel I'm currently working on, to be published by Top Shelf.

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Western Wind

Originally a 6-page full-colour strip I drew in 1993 for the Tragedy Strikes Sampler, a book packaged in a CD case, which never saw print, this has now appeared (in a reworked b&w version) in Dark Horse Maverick 2000.  Here you'll see sample excerpts from both versions.

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Life with Pee-Wee

A 'family strip' which has appeared in Loose magazine (1997).  

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If I Were a Pop Star

A strip I drew for Pulse Magazine in 1998.

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Pocket History of New Zealand

This is a work in progress, which tells the history of New Zealand in an easily digestible form.   The current form of the book is quite different to the page shown here (which comes from an early draft).  But as these images will probably never be published, I thought you might want to see them...

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Alma-Larissine's Kisses

This one page strip was drawn as a wedding present for two friends.

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A superhero series (unpublished).

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Three Tijuana Bibles

Twelve pages of erotic love comics I recently drew for Dirty Stories 2, published by Fantagraphics/Eros in 2000.

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No Fear

Egberto Gismonti interviewed by Graham Reid


I drew this strip for the NZ Herald newspaper a few years ago.  It's an interview with a Brazilian jazz musician.

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Tabula Rasa


A strip I drew for Classical Pulse magazine in 1994 about my relationship to the music of Arvo Part.

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Red Hot


A health promotion comic about Hepatitis-C, which I wrote for the Hepatitis-C Resource Centre (Christchurch, New Zealand).  Timothy Kidd drew it and I coloured it.

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A health promotion comic I wrote and drew for the Mental Health Foundation and the NZ Ministry of Youth Affairs in 1998.

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