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"There is a desert inside me.  My soul is scorched.  I am naked and empty.  There are no words in my mouth."

Elchanan Elkes,

Kovno, Lithuania.

This 15-page wordless story was drawn for an extraordinary book published by French wunderkinds L'Association.  Called COMIX2000 it's a 2000-page anthology of wordless comics from around the world, drawn to mark (naturally) the new millennium.  The suggested theme was 'the 20th century.' 

A number of New Zealanders have contributed, including Adam Jamieson, Chris Knox, Matthew Tait and Roger Langridge.

My own story was inspired by the above quote, from the Last Will & Testament of Dr. Elchanan Elkes, who died in
Landsberg Concentration Camp after being deported from the Kovno Ghetto: ‘There is a desert inside me. My soul is scorched. I am naked and empty. There are no words in my mouth. But you, my most dearly beloved, will know what I wanted to say to you at this hour.’

COMIX2000 is out now and the original art is being exhibited in a series of shows around Europe.

To order a copy of this once-in-a-lifetime book, visit Fantagraphics Books (who are distributing copies).

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