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Is the Pickle Sour or Sweet?

An interview with me by John Weeks, done in 1998 and published on Indy Magazine - a wonderful on-line alternative comics magazine.

Dylan at Drawn & Quarterly

Dylan at Top Shelf


An interview with me

about Names of Magic at Newsarama.

Abracadabra: the Books of Magic Homepage

an excellent fan-site with lots of information and enthusiasm (and previews).

Books of Magic eGroup

A friendly, dedicated bunch of fans - you can read the archives here or join the group.

An interview with Richard Case

about Names of Magic at Newsarama

The Books of Magic Site

another fan-site - says it's under construction, but it does include links to Books of Magic annotations..

Vertigo mailing list

a good mailing-list, where discussion ranges from Vertigo to alternative and international comics.

An interview with me

about Names of Magic at Silver Bullet Comics. 

DC/Vertigo's website

this link will take you straight to a preview of Names of Magic #1, but you can then explore the site from there. 

The Books of Magic message board

part of the vast DC & Vertigo message boards...


The Comics Journal Message Board

the liveliest and most useful (and entertaining) place on the web to talk about comics (with an emphasis on the better stuff, naturally).   If you've ever wondered why the Comics Journal's Blood & Thunder ain't what it used to be (during the eighties), this is why: it all happens here, now...


UK-based cartoonist Andy Konky Kru - has put together an amazing resource, with more information than you ever thought possible.  It also includes a huge number of samples of early comics, from Giotto to Toepffer!

Indy Magazine

an alternative comics e-zine (used to be a print magazine), full of high quality news and interviews etc.

The Comics Journal

website - includes extra bits from interviews which ended up on the cutting room floor and more! (

Silver Bullet Comic Books

Jason Brice (based in NZ) maintains a splendid comics e-zine and e-retailer here.  Includes interviews with big names and great unkowns, from all over the world.  And up-to-date news too. 

On Your Head - Comics

a message board worth dropping in on; less busy, obviously, than the Comics Journal but a good group of people (like David Lasky, for example) visit regularly to discuss mini-comics and good alternative stuff etc.


when it was a print-magazine, it was the best resource for keeping up with the UK minicomics scene.   Now it's an e-zine - still under construction but well worth bookmarking.

an on-line comics convention.  Actually, it's better than the real world equivalent (except maybe for the 4am drunken sketchbook sessions...).

Small Press Expo

now called simply the Expo, but still the best comics convention in North America.  Dedicated to independent and alternative comics, which means you can avoid - well - all the rest.

USS Catastrophe

It's an on-line comics anthology/gallery/zine full of stuff by some of the most exciting cartoonists in America.  On top of this, they have dozens of samples of amazing historical comics - including the very rare White Boy by Garret Price!!!

Sequential Tart

another good comics e-zine, run by women, with interviews, articles, reviews and more on an eclectic range of topics.


a museum, an archive, a research centre, a publisher - is there nothing this extraordinary place in Angouleme, France does not do?


The Hotel Fred

NZ cartoonist Roger (Zoot) Langridge's website: full of juicy stuff, including regular installments of Fred the Clown.


Jessica Abel's website, full of delicious illo's, comics and merchandise...

Dean Haspiel

You can do much much worse than spend a day in the company of Mr. Haspiel - or his comics...

Brian Biggs

everyone links to this one - it's a gorgeous site by an excellent cartoonist.

Scott McCloud

Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics - you know the guy.  His website is impressive, and becoming the flag-bearer for on-line and digital comics.

Jordan Crane

the driving force behind Non! - one of the best comics anthologies these days...

David B.

one of the founders of L'Association and one of the best European cartoonists of the past couple of decades.  

Tom Hart

USA cartoonist behind The Sands, Hutch Owen, New Hat and Banks/Eubanks (among others).

Matt Madden's Exercises in Style

Connected with the work of OuBaPo (a French group inspired in turn by Queneau's OuLiPo).

Debbie Dreschler

one of my favourite cartoonists.  This site has lots of samples of her illustration work.

James Kochalka Superstar

the ever-controversial and ever-interesting Vermont-based cartoonist and rockstar.

Comic Book Factory

NZ cartoonist Karl Wills' wonderful site; including a number of animated cartoons, strips and more. 

Lewis Trondheim

another of L'Association's prolific cartoonists. 

Little Projecta

NZ cartoonist Lars Cawley's website.  Lars is the cartoonist behind Rocks and Check the Blinker (among others) and he's an animator, too...  

Joe Chiappetta

Joe Chiappetta's one of the most talented cartoonists in America.  His Silly Daddy was one of the 90s' best comics. 

Andy Conlan

NZ cartoonist Andy Conlan's blog.  Comics and more.

Bevan Kay

a NZ mini-comic cartoonist based on Auckland's North Shore.


by Carla Speed McNeil - is one of the finest fantasy comics in years.

Ant Sang

New Zealand's own Ant Sang's new website, including previews of his upcoming epic series, Dharma Punks.


Chris McLoughlin

A very talented British cartoonist, illustrator of Bob Burden's Mysterymen comics and a plethora of very gorgeous stuff.


Pia Guerra

A very fine Canadian cartoonist, who mixes illustration work for White Wolf etc with comics. 



Drawn & Quarterly

are one of the finest comics publishers in the world.  And their site is gorgeous!  

Top Shelf

if these guys have their way, good comics will soon change the world.  And if there's any justice, these guys will have their way. 

Fantagraphics Books

Publishers of - oh, you know, all that indispensable stuff...

Dark Horse Comics

Not only do they publish the Maverick line, but also Buffy...  'Nuff said!

Alternative Comics

publishers of Tom Hart, James Kochalka, Jon Lewis, Sam Henderson, Steve Weissman and more.

Highwater Books

wonderful publisher of Tom Hart, James Kochalka, Megan Kelso, Brian Ralph, Ron Rege Jr among others.  Includes loads of online comics.

Les Cartoonistes Dangereuses

a group based in UK founded by Brad! Brooks and a buch of others (including myself and Roger Langridge).  Have published a number of gems, including books by Roger and Faz Choudry and Charlie Adlard.

Black Eye Design

okay, they're not a publisher anymore, but what great designers!  Michel Vrana lives!

Pantheon Books

Yeah - they're a book publisher, and they're putting comics publishers to shame.  This is a gorgeous site, too.


Mars Import

one of the best comics shops you'll ever find, only it's on the web.

The Comic

another fine e-store.  Interviews, feature articles and weekly strips by such luminaries as Dean Haspiel, Jordan Crane, Peter Kuper, Aleksandr Zograf and more...

Million Year Picnic

One of the finest comics stores in the USA.


much more than a store; Tim Bollinger called this the closest thing to Hicksville you'll find on Earth.  In Amsterdam, this is arguably the finest comics store in the world - as much an archive as a shop.  Also a gallery and a website, which includes a good index to cartoonists' websites.

Gotham Comics

this is where I buy my comics; it's a very nice shop situated in scenic Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand, with a great website (and forum) to match.

Heroes for Sale

Another good NZ comic shop which has recently relocated to lively Karangahape Road in Auckland, New Zealand.  And, naturally, another good site, with links to NZ comics sites etc.



Black River Digital

a YahooGroup (ie: mailing list) dedicated to New Zealand comics. 

FunTime Comics

these folks turn out comics regularly from Christchurch (some are from Wellington and further afield, but the group are based down South) and also maintain a resources list on NZ comics: the NZ Comics Register.

NZ Graphic Design Archive

Auckland University of Technology has a massive on-line archive dedicated to NZ Graphic Design and they've recently added NZ comics to this.  There are essays and profiles and all kinds of stuff.  To go straight to the comics section, click here.



a great site, with reviews, some excellent columns and a very good forum.  The clientele seem to range from D&D newbies to jaded old "art-gamers" - and even a lot of professional game authors.  The closest thing to for RPGers I've found. 

The Forge

a good site on "indie rpgs" and the home of Ron Edwards' inflential essays on GNS (Gamist-Narrativist-Simulationist) theory.  Lots of intelligent articles and a message board too.

Columbia Games

The publishers of N. Robin Crossby's Hârn, one of my favourite pieces of world-building.

a very nice on-line e-zine dedicated to roleplaying, which includes a long history of RPGs. 

Forgotten Realms

The official Wizards of the Coast portal to Ed Greenworld's vast Forgotten Realms setting.   There are thousands of fan-sites too, of course, but that's what Google is for... 


Lots of good material on Harn - much of which is useful for anyone trying to build a semi-credible pseudo-medieval setting. 


  Tove Jansson - mother of the Moomins

This page is part of the website of the Finnish publishers of the Moomin books (it's in English, though).

See the Hicksville Hit Parade page for links to music sites and more...

Links to the Moomins

A list of sites dedicated to Tove Jansson's Moomin books.

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