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"Behind every great fortune there is a great crime"

(Italian proverb)


Hicksville cover proper 5cm.GIF (4548 bytes) 250-pg graphic novel, published in English by Drawn & Quarterly (first published in 1998 by Black Eye Books), in French by L'Association and in Italian by Black Velvet (forthcoming, 2002).   Hicksville collects the main serial from Pickle #1-10, along with about 50 pages of new and revised material. 

Introduction by Seth (Palookaville, It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken)

ISBN 0-9698874-7-2        US$19.95

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French edition (published by L'Association, 2001).  Nominated for two Prix d'Alph'Art (Best Album and Critic's Prize). 
Hicksville front Italian 4cm.jpg (15836 bytes) Italian edition (published by Black Velvet, 2003). Introduction by Seth.  Also includes two essays on New Zealand comics (by Dylan Horrocks and Tim Bollinger, reprinted from Nga Pakiwaituhi o Aotearoa: New Zealand Comics). 

Nominated for two Ignatz Awards (best graphic novel and best art) and one Harvey Award (best reprint collection).  Winner of two Goodies Awards (best graphic novel and best writer).   Named a Comics Journal  'book of the year.'


Details magazine

“In Hicksville [Dylan Horrocks] manages to do a very difficult thing.... He infuses cartooning with wonder and depth and mystery.”
Seth (Palookaville)

“An elegant story of the frictions and epiphanies that drive our lives and dreams. Try it - you won’t regret it!”

Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Marvels)

“Dylan Horrocks is clever, funny, and very, very good at making comic books. His characters grab you and haunt you and even make you worry for them. Buy this guy's comics. He knows what he's doing."
Frank Miller (Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, 300)

World-famous cartoonist Dick Burger has earned millions and become the most powerful man in the comics industry in the few short years since the publication of his first Captain Tomorrow graphic novel.  But behind this rapid rise to success there lies a dark and terrible secret, as biographer Leonard Batts discovers when he visits Burger's hometown in remote New Zealand.

For Hicksville is no ordinary small town.  In Hicksville sheep-farmers and fishermen argue the relative merits of early newspaper strips, while in the local bookshop and lending library obscure Mongolian minicomics share the shelves with a complete run of Action Comics.

But why does everyone there seem to hate Dick Burger?  And what is the secret of Kupe's Lighthouse?

Weaving together real and imagined histories of the much-maligned medium of comics and the often marginalised country of New Zealand, Hicksville is a moving comment on art, business and the importance of turangawaewae - finding a place to stand...

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More critical acclaim for Hicksville and Pickle:
The Comics Journal
“New Zealand’s recent cultural revival, which has brought us Keri Hulme’s The Bone People in literature and Jane Campion’s The Piano in film, now has a new ambassador in comics: Dylan Horrocks.”
The Comics Journal
Hicksville is an unmistakenly modern (post-modern, even!), urbane, attractive, highly gratifying, and very, very smart tale.... Horrocks’ formidable cartooning talent is matched by an understanding of human existence and compassion for those enmeshed in same.”
Rich Kreiner, The Comics Journal
“Dylan Horrocks is one of the true geniuses of comic books.”
Destroy All Comics
“Simply one of the best books being put out right now.”
“Dylan Horrocks is this generation’s ‘cartoonists’ cartoonist.’”
Top Shelf
“Easily one of the most important works ever released by a local comics artist.... Horrocks manages to imbue the entire medium with a previously unrealised sense of majesty and awe.”
Adam Jamieson, Pavement magazine
“Once this book gets going it grips you.”
Metro magazine
“Exceptional.... Hicksville encompasses a dozen different styles of comics; happily Horrocks proves equally adept at finely etched antipodean landscapes, superhero battles, and gag cartoons.”
Details magazine
“Hands down one of the best books of the year.”
Diana Schutz, Grendel
“New Zealand’s best comic series.... Funny, melancholy and romantic, with beautiful cartooning. The ‘Heavyweight Champion of Lyricism’ does it again.”
Timothy Kidd, Pavement magazine
“At last we have an indigenous comic which deals with everyday New Zealand and its inhabitants.”
Pickle is one of the most important comics coming out these days.”
Destroy All Comics
“Exceptional... well written and beautifully drawn.”
Chester Brown
“This unique series has proven (once again) that there’s no limit to what can be accomplished in comics.”
Chris Staros, Inphobia
“...One of the most interesting and engaging comics around. It creates a world of people and places who grow more familiar and more complex with every issue...”
The Comics Journal

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