I first drew this story for the Tragedy Strikes Sampler - a full-colour selection of stories by that ill-fated but inspired publisher's contributors (including Nick Craine, Carol Swain, Jay Stephens and myself) which was going to be packaged in a CD case.   Unfortunately, this meant that when Tragedy Strikes folded and the Sampler was cancelled, I was left with a square, full-colour strip with nowhere to go (it ain't exactly the easiest shape to squeeze into any old anthology). 

So the story languished unpublished until Diana Schutz asked me to do something for the Dark Horse Maverick 2000 anthology and after thinking long and hard I decided the time had come to dust off Western Wind.  I redesigned it to fit standard comic book format and redrew it in black and white and - well - there it is.

Here then, are a few tantalising snippets from both the original colour and subsequent black and white versions.

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