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This is a weekly comic strip I wrote and drew for the NZ Listener between 1995 and 1997.  The central character is Milo Brown, editorial cartoonist on the Daily Bugle.  Other characters include TV reporter Sasha Davies (who has an on-again off-again thing with Milo), Daily Bugle reporters Joe and Sue, Cabinet Minister "Fingers" Finchley and corporate high-flyer and Business Roundtable member Sir Roland McPillage.  Among others.  Even the Invisible Hand of the Market makes an appearance (and promptly goes on a crime spree).

During its time in the Listener, Milo provoked a certain amount of comment - from readers, politicians, journalists and economists.  Business Roundtable spokesperson Roger Kerr saw fit to attack it in print and rumour has it that a former cabinet minister cancelled an interview with the Listener after they published my two page comic-strip report on the Beyond Dependency conference.  A sequence about the Winebox Scandal was reprinted in a book by Ian Wishart and an Invisible Hand strip even made it in to an Economics textbook.  All in all, a satisfying run, some of which you can sample here.  Of course, nothing lasts for ever and when a new editor took over the Listener in 1997, Milo was one of the regular features to be 'downsized'.

I tentatively drew a couple of samples for a daily Milo strip, but was soon busy with other things and so these have never been published (naturally, you can see these here).

Milo resurfaced briefly in the NZ Political Review - before retiring gracefully to the cartoon world's dole queue...   Whether he reappears one day will depend primarily on my busy lifestyle.

Meet the cast!  A Who's Who of Milo's Week...

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Read a selection of the NZ Listener Milo's Week strips. Milo's Week Invisible Hand 5cm.JPG (21959 bytes) Milo's Week Roger's Dream 5cm.JPG (16170 bytes)
Read the unpublished Milo dailies.

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