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The 'War on Terror'

An illustration for an upcoming feature on the debate about New Zealand's response to the so-called 'War on Terror.'  From an upcoming issue of the NZ Political Review

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T-Shirts & Postcards

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Election cartoons

These were drawn for various bits of election propaganda during the 1999 NZ General Election.  The first two were drawn for a brochure put out by a group of Trade Unions.  The third was drawn for the Association of University Staff's pre-election newsletter.

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To Build a Nation

I do regular cartoons for the NZ Political Review, edited by Chris Trotter.  This sequence illustrated the last major article by the late Bruce Jesson, who was one of New Zealand's most important political commentators over the past 20 years.  He is sorely missed.

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David Lange

One of 3 illustrations drawn to illustrate David Lange's inaugural Bruce Jesson Memorial Lecture, for the NZ Political Review.

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Socialism - Better Luck Next Century

This was an article by Mike Lee, also from the NZ Political Review.

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An article about the Council of Trade Unions, from the NZ Political Review.

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Balkan Crisis

An essay by Noam Chomsky on the NATO bombing of Kosovo and Serbia.  I disagreed with some of what Chomsky argued in this article, but managed to find shared ground between his opinions and my own.  Also from the NZ Political Review.

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Condition Terminal?

An article by Bruce Jesson on the state of the Left in New Zealand by the late-nineties.  Also from the NZ Political Review.

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Civil Society

An article on the decline of civil society during the 20th century.  Also from the NZ Political Review.

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Treasury TV

An article on the state of public television in NZ under the National Government.  Also from the NZ Political Review.

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Foreign Control Watchdog

This is a magazine published a few times a year by the Campaign Against Foreign Control in Christchurch, New Zealand (Murray Horton is their main campaigner). 

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Merry Christmas from the Treasury

This is from my Christmas card a couple of years ago.

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