Adam Jamieson    Born 1974, Putaruru
Adam Jamieson began reading comics seriously when his parents separated and he had no access to television. His "typical superhero fixation through adolescence" gave way eventually to more alternative tastes.

During his "abortive" studies at Waikato University, Polytech and then Art School, he contributed strips to student newspaper Nexus and exhibited comics work at the art school exhibition.

After moving to Auckland, he published his first comic, an ambitious four-issue series Cataract (1995). This was followed in 1996 with a biweekly dream-diary in comics form, Blink (four issues, 1996).

For a time, he managed an Auckland comic shop, filling it with Chris Ware paper constructions, local comics and a superb range of comics and books from around the world.

Since early 1998, Jamieson has orchestrated four issues of SeeSaw, an anthology comic done with Timothy Kidd and Sophie McMillan. He has also published Adam’s Apple, a compilation of recent work.

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Contact Details:

Adam Jamieson

P.O. Box 5722

Wellesley St


New Zealand


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