Barry Linton Born 1947, Auckland
Among New Zealand cartoonists, Barry Linton is perhaps the most respected and influential of his generation. Younger alternative cartoonists like Andy Conlan, Dylan Horrocks and Tim Bollinger all cite him as an important inspiration.

Linton’s first published strips were for the student newspaper Craccum, and such underground papers as the Ponsonby Rag. Linton published his first minicomic, Spud Takes Root, in 1977. That same year, he was a founding contributor to Strips. Over the next ten years he drew over 100 pages for Strips (80 of which he collected in 1994 in the self-published Chok Chok!).

After the demise of Strips, Linton drew erotic strips for Key, a New Zealand pornographic magazine and did an increasing amount of freelance illustration work. He has also drawn strips for Landfall (New Zealand’s leading literary journal) and for the NZ Listener.

More recently, Linton has been drawing a mixture of erotic strips and stories inspired by his interest in UFOlogy - most of which is unpublished.

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Contact Details:

67 Scanlan St

Grey Lynn


New Zealand


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