Colin Wilson Born 1949, Christchurch
Colin Wilson is one of New Zealand’s most successful cartoonists. In 1977 he founded the landmark New Zealand comic Strips, contributing a sword & sorcery saga - The Chronicle of Spandau - and a Boer War Story - The Sound of Thunder. In 1979 he drew two issues of Captain Sunshine, a full-colour ecological superhero comic published in New Zealand as a promotional tie-in for a plastic wrist-sundial. Only the first issue was ever published (the artwork for issue 2 has since been lost).

Soon after, he moved to England, where he drew some 150 pages for 2000AD (notably Rogue Trooper) Next he shifted to Belgium and then France, where he produced 10 albums for various European publishers, including the Rael trilogy and the Jeunesse de Lt. Blueberry series (which meant working with his idol Jean Giraud).

Wilson currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Janet Gale, who colours European BD (including several of Wilson’s albums).

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