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Comics Work:

as writer only:

Legends of the Dark Knight (2004) - scripts for issues 180, 181, 184 of the monthly title from DC Comics (USA), issues 39-57, edited by Michael Wright.   Pencils by Adrian Sibar (#39-44) and Rick Leonardi (#45-).

Batgirl (2003 - 2004) - scripts for monthly ongoing title from DC Comics (USA), issues 39-57, edited by Michael Wright.   Pencils by Adrian Sibar (#39-44) and Rick Leonardi (#45-).

Dear Superman (2004) - script for a 5-page strip starring the Flash (art by Farel Dalrymple) for Bizarro World, published 2005 by DC Comics (USA), edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Hunter: the Age of Magic (2001 - 2003) - scripts for monthly ongoing title from Vertigo (USA), issues 1-25, edited by Heidi MacDonald.  Art by Richard Case (and Chris McLoughlin), with inks by Steve Bird and David Roach.

The Names of Magic (2000 - 2001) - scripts for 5-issue monthly miniseries (art by Richard Case) forthcoming from Vertigo (USA), edited by Heidi MacDonald.   

The Clubhouse of Solitude (2000) - script for a 7-page strip starring Supergirl and Mary Marvel (art by Jessica Abel) for Bizarro Comics, published 2001 by DC Comics (USA), edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Red Hot (2001) - script (and layouts and colouring) for a health-promotion comic about Hepatitis C.   Drawn by Timothy Kidd and published by Hepatitis C Support Services (NZ).

as cartoonist (written & drawn by me unless specified):

Dull Care (2005) - 4-page strip for Little Nemo, 1905-2005: Un siècle de rêves, published by Les Impressions Nouvelles (Belgium).

Supergirl (2004) - 10-page strip starring Supergirl (written by Maggie Estep) for Bizarro World, published 2005 by DC Comics (USA), edited by Joey Cavalieri.

10-7 (2001) - 2-page strip for a benefit book for the victims of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, published by Dark Horse.

Atlas (2001) - ongoing series (2 issues so far), published by Drawn & Quarterly (Canada). 

Better Luck Next Century (2001) - a collection of political cartoons, published as part of their Small Batch Series by Top Shelf (USA).

Three Tijuana Bibles (2000) - three 4-page strips for Dirty Stories 2 (Fantagraphics/Eros, USA), edited by Eric Reynolds.

The Egg Napper (2000) - 7-page strip starring Hawkman (written by James Kochalka) for Bizarro Comics, published 2001 by DC Comics (USA), edited by Joey Cavalieri.

Western Wind (2000) - 6-page strip for Dark Horse Maverick 2000 (Dark Horse, USA), edited by Diana Schutz.

Aroha (1999, 2002...) - ongoing serial in Officer Pup (NZ anthology).   1st episode written and drawn by me; 2nd episode written by me, drawn by Simon Adams.

There are no words in my mouth (1999) - 15-page strip for Comics 2000 (L’Association, France), a huge book collecting comics from around the world to mark the millennium.

If I Were a Pop Star... (1999) - one-page colour comic-strip for Pulse magazine (USA).

Hicksville (1998) - a 250-page graphic novel, published by Black Eye Books (Canada), in which an American comics historian comes to New Zealand to research a book about a cartoonist born on the East Cape. Hicksville was also published in French by L’Association (2001), in Italian by Black Velvet (2003) and in Spanish by Ediciones Balboa (2003).

Li’l Ainjil (1998) - 6-page strip in the SPX 98 (Small Press Expo) souvenir book (USA).

Spin (1998) - 16-page colour comic book on dealing with emotional stress published by the Ministry of Youth Affairs (NZ) as part of their National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy. The comic was written and drawn by me, in consultation with the Mental Health Foundation, the Centre for Youth Health and a range of health professionals and young people. The strip was initially serialised in Tearaway Magazine. 50,000 copies of the finished comic were then distributed free through schools and other outlets.

Pickle (10 issues since 1993) - a comic book showcasing my work, published by Black Eye (Canada). A mixture of short strips and serialised stories, including Cafe Underground (a story set in Auckland in 1986) and Hicksville (see above). Issues range from 24 to 40 pages in length.

Dirty Comics (1997) - 6-page strip in Dirty Stories, a book-length anthology published by Fantagraphics Books, USA, edited by Eric Reynolds.  I am currently working on a graphic novel based on this story for Top Shelf.

Milo's Week (1995-1997) - weekly colour half-page comic-strip in the NZ Listener. Ten strips were also reprinted in Ian Wishart's Vintage Winebox Guide (Howling at the Moon, 1996).

Keith Scott - Man of a Thousand Voices (1997) - colour comic-strip ‘interview’ with Australian voice-artist Keith Scott in NZ Herald.

Beyond Belief (1997) - 2-page strip in the NZ Listener describing two competing welfare conferences in Auckland: Beyond Poverty and Beyond Dependency.

No Fear (1996) - comic-strip 'interview' with Brazilian musician Egberto Gismonti in NZ Herald.

Tabula Rasa (1994) - one-page comic-strip about Estonian composer Arvo Part, in Classical Pulse magazine (USA).

Tisco & the Heart of the Nation (1992) - 5-page strip published in Scratch magazine (NZ).

Le Soleil Noir/The Black Sun (1992) - 6-page strip published in French in Reciproquement (winner of the Alph'Art award for best French fanzine) and in English in Sputnik (Black Eye, Canada).

Opposite Equinoxes (1991) - 32-page mini-comic, self-published in England.

The Last Fox Story (1990) - 104-page mini-comic, self-published in England.

Incomplete Works (1989) - 5-page strip published in The Dead Muse (Fantagraphics Books, USA)

Sex (1987-1989) - 30-page, five-part serial, published in Fox Comics (Australia).

Tisco George (1985) - weekly comic-strip published in Craccum (Auckland University student newspaper).

In addition to the above work, I have also contributed short strips to numerous publications here and abroad, including Strips (NZ), Razor (NZ), UFO (NZ), Jabberwocky (NZ), Reactor Girl (Canada), Trident (UK) and Le Roquet (UK).

I am currently working on Atlas, an ongoing series published by Drawn & Quarterly (Canada) and a graphic novel (working title Dirty Comics) for Top Shelf (USA), among other projects.


‘Coming Home’ (2005): a personal account of the influence of French comics on my work and New Zealand comics in general, for Jenny Bornholdt & Gregory O’Brien (editors), The Colour of Distance: New Zealand Writers in France, French Writers in New Zealand (Victoria University Press, 2005).

‘The Perfect Planet: Comics, Games and World-Building’ (2003-4): 7500-word paper published in Mark Williams (ed.), Writing at the Edge of the Universe (University of Canterbury Press, 2004).

'Oh Sister' (2003) - introduction to Roger Langridge & Cornelius Stone's No More Mrs Nice Nun: the Collected Knuckles the Malevolent Nun, volume 1, published by Antipodes Publishing

'When it Hurts to Laugh'  (2003) - introduction to the Spanish edition of Roger Langridge's Fred the Clown, published by Ediciones Balboa

'Remembering the Moomins' (2001) - a tribute to Tove Jansson's Moomin books, in The Comics Journal (USA).

'Tom Hart's Working Hard - selling futures in hope' (2000) - introduction to the Collected Hutch Owen, volume 1, by Tom Hart (Top Shelf, USA).

‘Nga Pakiwaituhi o Aotearoa: NZ Comics’ (1998; revised edition 2000) - 100-page b&w catalogue to an exhibition of NZ comics which I assembled for the International Comics & Animation Festival in USA.

‘Inventing Comics - Scott McCloud’s definition of comics’ (1998) - 9000-word essay on Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics: the Invisible Art, to be published in 2001 in The Comics Journal (USA).

‘Comics’ (1995- 2000) - regular comics column in Pavement magazine. I have also contributed feature articles on comics by Adam Jamieson, Chris Slane and Robert Sullivan.

‘Letter from Hicksville’ (1995-1996) - regular column on comics theory in Destroy All Comics magazine (USA).

‘Enough to Chill a Tiger's Blood’ (1996) - article on Phantom fandom in the NZ Herald (7/12/96).

‘Tuhituhi Noa: Mapping a Path Through NZ Comics’ (1996) - introductory essay in Comix - Contemporary NZ Comics, exhibition catalogue, published by the Fisher Gallery in Pakuranga, Auckland.

Pictures - Illustratori Inglesi per Bambini (1991) - biographical notes on twelve top English children's illustrators for an exhibition catalogue published by Giannino Stoppani Edizioni, Bologna, Italy.

‘Eggleston Pie’ (1987) - review of David Eggleton's poetry in Landfall, June 1987.

‘Reality Games’ (1984) - article about the construction of meta-narratives in fantasy role-playing games, in And no.2.

‘Comics as Films on Paper’ (1982) - in Alternative Cinema magazine, Spring/Summer 1982.

In addition, I have contributed short reviews or articles to the Comics Journal (USA), The Sunday Star Times (NZ), The Dominion Post (NZ), Black River Chronicle (NZ), Ignatz (NZ), The NZ Comics Gazette (NZ) and Razor (NZ).


I have contributed cartoons and illustrations to numerous magazines and newspapers in New Zealand and abroad, including:

The NZ Listener (NZ), The NZ Herald (NZ), The School Journal (NZ), Tearaway (NZ), Deadline (UK), Crowdsafe (USA), The NZ Political Review (NZ), Foreign Control Watchdog (NZ), Loose (NZ) and Nickelodeon magazine (USA).

I also illustrated two children’s books:

These and more illustration samples can be found in Pictures.


I was a co-founder and co-editor of the following comics magazines:

Black River Chronicle (1995) - a fanzine about NZ comics.

Le Roquet (1992) - an annual UK comics magazine.

Ignatz (1985) - a NZ comics fanzine.

Razor (1984) - a NZ comics magazine with Cornelius Stone.


City Gallery Wellington (2005) - Small World, Big Town: Contemporary Art from Te Papa, an exhibition of work from the collection of Te Papa. In addition to my inclusion in the show, I also designed the exhibition’s signage and brochure cover.

Bowen Galleries, Wellington (2004) - Works on Paper, a group show.

The Art Zone (Centre of Contemporary Arts), Christchurch (2004-5) and The Dowse Gallery, Lower Hutt (2005) - Board Art 04, an exhibition of paintings on skateboard decks decorated by New Zealand artists and by school students.

Centre National de la Bande Dessinee Internationale (CNBDI), Angoulême, France (2002) - an exhibition of new voices in anglophone comics at France’s national comics museum.

Auckland City Art Gallery, Auckland (2001-2) - The Cartoon Show, a survey of the role of cartoons and comics in the arts in New Zealand.  A page of artwork from Hicksville was purchased by the Gallery for their permanent collection.

Lopdell House Gallery, Waitakere (2000) - Image/Text, a group show exploring the interface between words & pictures in contemporary NZ art.  Curated by Miriam Harris and Jan White.

Small Press Expo/International Festival of Animation and Comics, Bethesda, WA, USA (1998) - Nga Pakiwaituhi o Aotearoa: New Zealand Comics - an exhibition surveying over 50 years of NZ cartooning, which I assembled with assistance from Creative NZ. First shown at SPX/ICAF in the Holiday Inn, Bethesda, WA, USA, September 1998 and then at the Aotea Centre (Auckland) in March 2000.

Fisher Gallery, Pakuranga (1996) - Comix - Contemporary NZ Comics, a group show at the Fisher Gallery in Pakuranga, Auckland. 

The Beguiling, Toronto, Canada (1993) - Tragedy Strikes - group show with two Canadian cartoonists.

Bent Gallery, Auckland (1992) - group show of NZ cartoonists.

Stripsearch, UK (1992-) - included in a landmark British touring exhibition of comics art organised by Paul Gravett (manager of the UK Cartoon Archive & Museum).


In 2004, I co-taught (with Janine Randerson) an undergraduate paper on Comics & Animation for the University of Auckland’s Art History department.

Between 1994 and 1996 I taught night-classes in the history and study of comics through Auckland University's Continuing Education Department.

Between 1995 and 1997 I co-taught (with Peter Rees) an annual course on cartooning at the Elam Summer Art School.

I have given guest lectures at the University of Auckland, Auckland College of Education, the Words & Pictures Museum (USA), Media Design school (Auckland), Elam School of Fine Arts (Auckland University), Unitec (Auckland), New York School of Visual Arts (USA), Massey University (Auckland), Media Design School (Auckland) and the Auckland Institute of Technology.

Conferences I have presented at include the Media ‘99 Conference at Auckland University, the 2000  World Conference on Reading in Auckland and Loaded Canons: Discourse & Power in Aotearoa/New Zealand (Victoria University, Wellington, 2001) and Creative Writing in New Zealand (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, 2003). 

I have also taught occasional classes on comics and cartooning with children, teenagers, Polytech design students and fine arts students. 


In 1998 I prepared Nga Pakiwaituhi o Aotearoa: New Zealand Comics - an exhibition and catalogue surveying over 50 years of NZ cartooning, which first showed at the Small Press Expo/International Festival of Animation and Comics, Bethesda, WA, USA. I also gave lectures on the history of New Zealand comics at the Words & Pictures Museum in Northampton, MA and at SPX/ICAF (where I was also on a panel discussion entitled ‘New Voices in Comics’), gave out promotional packs of New Zealand comics to publishers and press people and did a week-long signing tour at book and comic shops around New England and NYC.

In 1995 I organised a series of talks by cartoonists at Iconz II, New Zealand's second comics convention.  I have also given talks on the history of New Zealand comics at subsequent conventions, including the annual Armageddon PulpExpo.

In 1991 I organised a series of talks at Waterstones Bookshop (Charing Cross Rd, London, England) by cartoonists, including Art Spiegelman, Chris Reynolds, Alan Moore, Oscar Zarate and Lorenzo Mattotti.

I have attended:

The International Salon of the Comic Strip, Angouleme, France, 1991 & 1992 and 2001 (as a guest).
The UK Comic Art Convention, London, England, 1992.
The San Diego Comics Convention, USA, 1994 & 2001.
ICONZ II, Auckland, 1995.
Small Press Expo/International Festival of Animation and Comics, Bethesda, WA, USA, 1998.
Armageddon Pulp Expo, Auckland, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and Wellington, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

Loaded Canons: Discourse & Power in Aotearoa/New Zealand (academic conference), Victoria University, Wellington (as a panelist), 2001.
The Going West Literary Festival, Waitakere (as a guest), 1999 & 2000.
Alleluya Cafe’s Poetry Live, Auckland (as guest 'poet' - reading from some of my comics), 2000.



I have been a member of:

Les Cartoonistes Dangereuses (1992 - present).
The UK Comic Creators' Guild (1989-1993).

Reviews and Awards:

I have been reviewed, interviewed or profiled in numerous magazines, including:

The Comics Journal (USA), Metro (NZ), Details (USA), The NZ Herald (NZ), Quote Unquote (NZ), Pavement (NZ), The Sunday Star (NZ), Destroy All Comics (USA), Inphobia (USA), PLGPPUR (France), Zum (England).

I won an Eisner Award (USA) in 2002 (Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition), for Atlas and Hicksville.

was named a ‘Book of the Year’ by the Comics Journal (USA) and has been nominated for a number of awards in several countries:

Pickle was nominated for two Ignatz Awards (USA) and two Goodies awards (an International online award) in 1997. It was selected as #13 in a list of the top 200 comics of all time in The Staros Report (an annual guide to quality comics, published in the USA).

Nga Pakiwaituhi o Aotearoa: New Zealand Comics was nominated for a 1998 Goodies award for best publication about comics.

Some discussions of my work by other people (and an interview or two):

O’Brien, Gregory, Welcome to the South Seas: Contemporary New Zealand Art for Young People (University of Auckland Press, 2004). A survey of modern New Zealand art, written for young people.

Spurgeon, Tom, ‘Sweeping Out the Lighthouse: the Dylan Horrocks Interview’ in The Comics Journal #243, May 2002.

Seymour, Jeffrey, ‘Comics as Cartography: Lost and Found in Hicksville,’ paper presented at the Will Eisner Symposium, University of Florida, 2002.

Kreiner, Rich, ‘Prime Location; Unlimited View; Must See to Believe,’ in The Comics Journal #211, April 1999.

Nevins, Mark, ‘New Voices in Comics 1998: a Roundtable,’ in The International Journal of Comics Art, volume 1, number 2, Fall 1999.

Madden, Matt, ‘Welcome to Hicksville,’ in The Comics Journal #175, March 1995. A review of Pickle #1-5.



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